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3 Painless Ways to Grow Your Platform

November 17th, 2016 by The Write Brilliant Team


If silent hours sculpting savory sentences energizes you, tweeting yet another request for friends to like your Facebook page may feel like drudgery.

Or maybe you’re the person who’s fueled by sharing your message to a live audience and feels drained by sitting to write an obligatory blog post. Most writers know the tricks to growing their platforms, but they dread these actions.

If you’re proposing to put together a powerful platform but you’re feeling pooped, we have good news. Building a platform doesn’t have to drive you crazy.

Here are four painless ways to grow your platform:

  1. Be you.

Your platform will be the strongest when your strategy is consistent with your wiring, gifts and resources. Repeat these three words: I. Am. Enough. That’s right.

The best writer you can be is the unique writer you already are.

Do you hyperventilate when you’re handed a microphone? Hitting the speaking circuit may not have your name on it. But maybe you’re tech savvy, and you can lean into social media. Are you energized by speaking, but you drag your feet trying to write a downloadable manifesto as a free giveaway? Try pitching your gifts to local events.

You won’t be able to overlook the necessary parts of platform growth, but notice how you’re made and choose a strategy that matches your DNA.


  • Pitch an article.
  • Guest post at a friend’s blog.
  • Offer a short free guide at your site.


  • Carry business cards and start conversations with strangers.
  • Alert local organizations to your skills as a speaker.
  • Network with those who can help teach you the ropes.
  1. Use what you’ve got.

Closely related to your personality makeup is your unique gift mix. Did you perform in a comedy club after college? Are you a culinary genius? Has your poetry won awards? Because audiences want to connect with you, draw on your gifts and talents and passions. Use what you most enjoy to reach a wider audience.

  • Post a video of you doing comedy sketches with your toddler
  • Stream a spoken word piece online.
  • Share a photo of your most recent Haiku, written in ketchup on the sidewalk. (Sounds silly, but don’t be afraid to experiment.)
  1. Respect your limitations.

If you’re home diapering an infant, cross-country speaking travel might prove unwieldy. But if you’re traveling regularly to two or three cities for your day job, you might seek out evening speaking gigs as add-ons. If your marriage is on the rocks, we don’t advise spending every hour of your free time at your keyboard.

Don’t use the pressures of your life as an excuse to avoid the hard work of writing—we’re all crazy busy—but take a realistic inventory of your limitations.


  • Write for your campus newspaper.
  • Offer to lead a workshop for alumni at Homecoming.


  • Host a lunchtime discussion group for other writers to brainstorm ways to champion one another.
  • Network with coworkers about opportunities to share with their civic and religious groups.

Full-time parent?

  • Pitch article after article to magazine editors.
  • Study best practices and create a social media strategy.

In addition to these strategies, don’t be afraid to phone a friend. Others can help you do what you despise. They may even enjoy those actions. When in doubt, ask.

And at the end of each day, inhale all the air you can hold and repeat it one more time: I. Am. Enough. After you’ve done all you can, rest in knowing that it is enough.

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